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Research and development

How do we come up with new and innovative solutions?

In our research, we keep asking ourselves: “How could we do more to offer you even better.” The greatest business success is almost always based on innovations – new ideas, new projects, new products. For every pharmaceutical company, the greatest pleasure is certainly the formulation of a new product. Even more so that the months or years of our professionals’ hard work is behind it. It all starts with an idea – how to solve a particular health problem and related discomforts. Attempts are made to find natural substances, vitamins, minerals or herbal extracts, which in optimal combinations can help resolve certain problems. New products tend to have additional value over existing products, in line with the latest scientific insights. When the optimum combination of active substances is finally selected, the highest quality raw materials are selected and the manufacturing process begins. During the process of development and production of a new product, professional information, educational materials for pharmacists and physicians are prepared at the same time and the visual identity of the product is defined. 

Once again, the finished product is sent to the authorized laboratories for analysis. Our new products are the ultimate result.