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Gift card 4+1

Do you know that with 4 purchased Dietpharm products you can get 1 free? Ask for the Card 4+1 in your pharmacy.

When buying any Dietpharm product (evaluated at over HRK 25 per product), ask for your Dietpharm gift card. After purchasing the fourth product, hand over the completed card with the attached invoice to the pharmacy where you made the purchases and choose one of the free products offered:


Magnesium 375 direct + B complex (20 bags)

Magnesium 375 (20 effervescent tablets)

Bio-C 500® (40 tablets)

Silymarin Artichoke (30 capsules)

Centravit® Energy (30 tablets)


All products must be purchased in the same pharmacy. Each purchase will be stamped and signed by the pharmacy.

The card is valid for 3 months from the date of the first purchase! Make sure to attach the original invoices as the proof of the purchase!

You can immediately pick up your gift products at the pharmacy where the purchase was made.


Double packs are worth one stamp.