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Fidifarm d.o.o.

Fidifarm d.o.o.

We have been with you for over 30 years.

Our journey began in 1985 when Đuro Šrekais, MPharm, founded the company Dietpharma GmbH in Munich, which was engaged in pharmaceutical consulting and development of innovative formulations.  Dietpharm Zagreb started its operations in 1988 and it was then that the products with the now famous sign, the green pharmaceutical scale, appeared for the first time.  In 1991, the factory in Hrvatsko zagorje, not far from Zagreb was built. This is when the intensive development of the company and the expansion of the product range we create in cooperation with the renowned Swiss and European partners began.

A new chapter in Dietpharma’s business began in 2003, when a new, modern production facility was built in Zagreb, in Rakitje, that meets demands and challenges of modern technology and business.

Since 2007, Fidifarm has been operating as part of the Pharma Atlantic Group division of Europe’s largest manufacturer of sports and healthy foods, a leading regional manufactuer of vitamin drinks and the owner of the largest private pharmacy chain in Croatia, Atlantic Farmacie. Business synergies within a large and experienced system are a new driving force for the next 28 years that we plan to spend with you.

Quality policy

For over thirty years, we have been creating a program of products that helps preserve health, prevent and treat diseases. As a precondition for achieving high business targets, we have established a value system that guides us – expertise and professionalism. We are continuously developing and adopting new knowledge and skills because we are fully aware that our strength lies in the knowledge and skills of each of our employees. We also develop open communication and quality teamwork that takes us forward. 

The success and quality of Fidifarm’s business operations is reflected in the well-known products integrated under the Dietpharm  common brand name and development of new forms of generic medicines. Continuing on the tradition of our past activities, we continue to create unique, innovative products that help preserve health, are aimed at prevention and treatment of diseases. We provide the users with the opportunity to create their own knowledge and awareness of health and thus support a responsible and conscious lifestyle and personal care for health.